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Get Your Marijuana Criminal Conviction Removed from Your Record

The “Smart and Safe Arizona Act,” commonly known as Proposition 207 (“Prop 207”) was approved by voters in the 2020 elections. This initiative will allow many people with Arizona marijuana criminal convictions to have their records expunged.

Beginning July 12, 2021, defendants who meet the following criteria may have their records for certain marijuana-related offenses vacated and expunged, through a process of sealing:

  1. Did your charge involve the possession, consumption, or transportation of TWO AND ONE-HALF OUNCES OR LESS of marijuana, of which not more than twelve and one-half grams was in the form of marijuana concentrate?

  2. Did your charge involve the possession, transportation, cultivation, or processing of LESS THAN SIX MARIJUANA PLANTS at your primary residence for personal use?

  3. Did your charge involve the possession, use, or transportation of paraphernalia related to the cultivation, manufacture, processing, or consumption of marijuana?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you may qualify to have your marijuana criminal record permanently expunged, and we can help!

All inquiries will be kept confidential. You may also reach us by telephone (520) 450-1715 or by email

We are happy to offer FREE, no obligation consultations and reviews of your current legal matter(s), and while we cannot give legal advice, we can provide general legal information to help you navigate the court system. We also network with dozens of qualified attorneys throughout the Valley whom we would be happy to refer you to in the unlikely event we are unable to help.

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