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Bridging the Gap to Justice

According to the American Bar Association Commission on the Future of Legal Services “[m]ost people living in poverty, and the majority of moderate-income individuals, do not receive the legal help they need.” In 2017, the Legal Services Corporation released a report that 86% of legal matters involving low-income parties received either inadequate legal help or none at all.

Attorney’s fees have skyrocketed in recent years, leaving many Arizonans unrepresented and their legal rights and basic human needs ignored. There are, however, alternatives, which aim to bridge the “justice gap” such as retaining a Certified Legal Document Preparer (LDP) or Legal Paraprofessional (LP).

Unlike paralegals whose work must be supervised by an attorney, LDPs and LPs are legal professionals who have specific education and experience, have passed examinations (similar to mini bar exams), and who have obtained licensure through the Arizona Supreme Court to allow them to provide legal services to the general public without attorney regulation.

LDPs are licensed to prepare any legal document for self-represented parties (e.g., estate plans, child support orders, etc.), whereas LPs are licensed to give limited scope legal advice, negotiate rights, and represent clients in a courtroom in matters involving family law, civil litigation, criminal law, administrative law, and juvenile law proceedings.

Life happens. And it sometimes leads to a courtroom or other legal challenge. No one should have to choose between paying for quality legal services or maintaining life's necessities. That is why Glover Court Solutions & Estate planning was created--to help families overcome their complex legal matters without draining their bank accounts in the process.

If you would like to discuss your options, contact Glover Court Solutions & Estate Planning. We are happy to offer FREE no obligation consultations, reviews of your current estate plans, and case evaluations; and while, we cannot give legal advice, we can provide general legal information to help you navigate your legal matter(s). We also network with dozens of qualified attorneys and legal paraprofessionals throughout the Valley whom we would be happy to refer you to in the unlikely event we are unable to help.

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